About Me

Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Adviser

My name is Leda Green and I’m a spiritual healer and psychotherapist who during the past 20 years has developed
a unique way of healing people.

A Video interview with Natali Harris for Panama 🇵🇦 National tv
Good morning Panamá: “Healing with astral energy”

An interview with Alan Steinfeld from New Realities about my work

This unique therapy works in a personal meeting or from far without seeing or touching the person.
This therapy helps to overcome serious illnesses and stimulates well being,  A treatment usually feels like a glowing radiance in your body and leaves you feeling peaceful and much more relaxed.

Anther shorter interview with Alan Steinfeld from New Realities

I bring to the table all manner of skills and abilities to help you heal mind, body and spirit. My spiritual energy can help speed up the natural healing process of the body and improves recovery time from a serious illness. Leda believes that her patients should continue relationship with their physicians while I compliment conventional medicine by channeling life energy to the patients. Most of my patients were able to drastically reduce their medicine intake and sometimes eliminate it completely.

I help heal life-challenging illness, a chronic situation, emotional distress, relationship problems, forgiveness of someone, family stress or any of the myriad of life’s challenges. I work with people individually as well as in groups and uses various different methods, Anyone who had been to one of my sessions comes out feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

I also specialize in forecasting the future where I give a pretty definite time frame for future events and guides people through difficult situations. My patients get the piece of mind that is so important in every day life.

Please read the full list of services to see a complete list of my specialties.