What I can help you with

All of my services can be applied in person or from distance as the conditions allow.
Consult with me to learn more and match the correct method to the issues your dealing with


  • Diagnosis to any medical condition either previously diagnosed or not
  • Diagnosis to any problem both Physical and or Mental/Emotional
  • Treatment and supporting treatment to any medically treated condition
  • Conditions treated can be but not limited to:
    • Cancer,
    • Heart disease,
    • Blood Condition,
    • Nerves system,
    • Metabolic problems,
    • Mental and Psychiatric conditions,
    • Alcohol and Substance abuse,
    • ADHD and other Learning difficulties
    • And many more…
  • My work can cover most cases of medically treatable and untreatable conditions.
  • Contact me to learn more about how I can help you

Personal Consulting:

  • Personal difficulties in finding a life partner, solving issues with your life partner, family difficulties or any other personal issues. Full Confidentiality is insured

Business Consulting

  • For your small medium or large business – giving a solution for business issues or office working relations issues
  • Consulting on new contracts, co-operations, finding new clients and projects and much more.

Couples Therapy

  • Relationships can work – solution to marital & couples difficulties.

Special Services

  • Personal accompaniment – Up to a few days of close personal consulting at your location, Contact me for details